In providing our products and services, we adopt a full service approach, which includes:


We have a regular line of intermediates and APIs (see product list).  Our specialty in sourcing is our full service approach which includes identification of potential suppliers, follow-up and liaison with the suppliers and custom manufacturing projects. Currently working with a core client base we are doing the following:


The customer identifies an intermediate/API and would like to source in China. PharmaVantage identifies a list of all manufacturers providing also historical, financial, Quality and management background to shortlist the top tier of suppliers. We initiate the vendor approval process and arrange customers QA audits, we follow-up on the the audit and continue to liaison with the client through commercial purchasing ensuring timely shipments and proper documentation. We expedite any problems and serve as the on-going liaison between supplier and customer and operate on a 100% transparent basis.


We develop key intermediates for generic products already off-patent or coming off patent. We work with our R and D associates and clients to develop a cost effective process and identify manufacturers for scale up to commercial scale.


We collaborate on custom manufacturing projects with either technology provided from clients or available in China.


As part of our full service approach, we provide our clients with regular updates on the products they purchase from us, in terms of pricing trends, supply changes to keep the client abreast of changes.

The Chinese pharmaceutical industry is currently undergoing rapid changes-consolidations, mergers and acquisitions, privatization. It is essential for success in China to have a solid channel to suppliers to support the customer’s success in China and to minimize the problems. Given China’s rising importance as a pharma supplier, for most companies, the question is not if you should be involved in China, but how to develop a successful strategy. PharmaVantage can provide the solution.


China’s pharmaceutical market is quite different from that of the West and selling to China requires identification of products, sales strategy, customers and distribution channels. Sales to China require also an Import Drug License (IDL) and the preparation and translation of the application dossier. We have a team devoted to product registration and fifteen years experience.

As part of our “full service” approach, we offer registration services in conjunction with sales and marketing of the product in China. We have strong ties with the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA), the Coastal Inspection Institutes, the National Institute for the Control of Pharmaceutical and Biological Products and the Center for Drug Evaluation—the key organizations involved in product registration.

China is a huge pharmaceutical market estimated at USD 19 billion in the first half of 2004. Entrance into WTO has enhanced opportunities for foreign products through lowering of import tariffs and leveling of the playing field through greater transparency in the IDL process. Generic products represent over 45% of the total market. With increasing disposable income and greater consumer awareness, there are opportunities for more sophisticated drug delivery products, pediatric formulations as well as nutritional supplements and OTC products.

Licensing products from abroad is also of increasing interest by the Chinese pharma firms interested to rapidly expand their product portfolios.

The blockbuster drugs in China are not the blockbusters of the West. China is a unique market. While currently primarily a branded generic market, sales are dependent on devising unique marketing and promotional activities and the panache western drugs continue to have in China provides additional opportunities for Westerners.

We can assist in the identification of products, registration, sales and marketing in China.       


We have undertaken a variety of consultancy projects for both multinational pharmaceutical companies, generic companies and nutritional supplement companies.

We are also under retainer to several firms to provide updates on production capabilities and pricing for a targeted product type.

Recent studies for clients include:


Vitamin C production/pricing in past two years


Production and trends in semisynthetic antibibiotics 2002-2003


Top ten selling opthamalic products in China, producers and sales volume


China’s potential production of two proprietary anti-viral products


Registration of nutritional supplements process and time-line


Production/pricing in China 2004 for two generic veterinary products


Competitor intelligence reports


Evaluation of potential JV partners for major USA OTC producer

We have supplied reports to clients to support their own research or to serve as the basis for additional research in China. Consulting is a smaller part of our sourcing/sales strategy but as we have acquired in our twenty years experience a substantial database can readily access information on manufacturers and products. We have also assisted on an ad hoc basis for clients general problem resolution with respect to clients business activities in China.


Import drug license

DMF filing

Market intelligence