PharmaVantage is a full service company engaged in three main business activities related to pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs; sourcing from China, marketing to China and consultancy services. Our management has over twenty years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry in China and has historic relationships with manufacturers, distributors and government authorities.

We have a core group of both Chinese and overseas clientele and are seeking to expand our long-term partnerships. We are more than a typical agent as our goal is to enhance our clients business activities in China to maximize the opportunities. Internationally we work with major generic companies in the US, Europe and the Middle East. In China we have collaborations with two R & D facilities that assist in process development and process optimization prior to scaling up in Chinese GMP compiant factories. In China we work with several large successful state-owned companies including Shijiazhuang Group, Shanghai Pharma Group and Harbin Pharma Group as well as several privately-owned companies such as the Hengdian Group, Excel Pharmaceutical and Zhongdan Pharmaceutical.

Our sourcing activities include development of key intermediates, custom manufacturing projects both at the R and D and commercial level. We plan to extend our activities in regulated markets by filing several DMFs in the USA over the next two years.

Our sales activities include product registration for sales to China, marketing and distribution in China. We have fifteen years experience in registration.

Our consulting activities include market/competitor intelligence and identification of cooperative Chinese partners. We offer similar services to our Chinese clients. Our director, Ms. Susan Capie has extensive contacts both within China and abroad and is a frequent speaker on the Chinese pharmaceutical industry and has authored numerous articles on this topic.  

There are currently over 5,000 Chinese manufacturers and identifying the best partner/supplier is a lengthy process. PharmaVantage can assist you in finding the best partner/strategy to maximize the opportunities in the Chinese pharmaceutical industry in both sourcing from and selling to China. Relationships, language and cultural familiarity are essential to success in China and with our extensive ties and long involvement we can be of invaluable assistance to clients.

The Chinese pharmaceutical industry is currently undergoing rapid changes and consolidations, mergers and acquisitions, privatization. It is essential for success in China to have a solid channel to suppliers to support the customers? success in China and to minimize the problems. Given China's rising importance as a pharma supplier, for most companies, the question is not if you should be involved in China, but how to develop a successful strategy. PharmaVantage can provide the solution.

Mission StatementMaximize our clients' opportunities through leveraging our knowledge and experience.  In the current challenging, ever-changing pharmaceutical landscape, we all share a common goal-low cost, effective products for our markets. 

Our Chinese clients are seeking long-term strategic partnerships abroad.  Our foreign clients are seeking the same but the difficulties of language, culture, and size of the market is often a barrier. The difficulties of evaluating the multitude of Chinese suppliers is daunting and time consuming.  We offer a channel to understand the regulatory and economic environment and a conduit to partnerships in China.

Competitive AdvantagesPharmaVantage's key executives began business relations in the pharmaceutical area in 1984. Our long-standing relationships with manufacturers and relevant government agencies include key decision-makers, R and D departments, QA and sales.  Our non-Chinese clientele include multi-national pharmaceutical companies as well as leading generic firms in the USA, Europe, Middle East and South America.

China is increasingly important as a supply source of APIs and intermediates. China has more than 5000 pharma/chemical companies and a large number of trading companies, distributors and agents. Currently China's pharmaceutical industry is undergoing profound changes, which makes it difficult for foreign companies to obtain the most up-to-date information. With our broad network, knowledge and twenty years of business history, we are well placed to assist companies in this challenging but exciting marketplace in China


Management Team